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Longer meeting? Your child is sick and can't go to daycare? Isn't it possible in business?

Quick help? Your babysitter has canceled? Do you need an alternative quickly?

Relax? Time for you and your partner? Childcare so you can manage the household? Everyday support?

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Childcare – secure. swift. sincere. Is this possible?

We believe in it and we are already able today to offer our growing community of more than 100 people on the platform help at any time. Let us redesign the childcare system so that professional babysitting is available at anytime anywhere. Help us – to change the world!

Your Babsy Experience

Our babysitter arrived on time and the care with our son worked well. She told us that it was fun and that he had behaved very well. When we got back, even my daughter, who was traveling with us, wanted to play with the babysitter. Although my wife and I were a bit skeptical at first, it was a good experience and everything worked out well!

Marco F. from Basel

Working, father of 2 children

I am 30 years old and a working mother. Balancing my job and family is one of my daily challenges. Organizing unplanned events is extremely stressful for me and often overturns my entire planning. I hardly have time for myself, even if it's just an appointment with the hairdresser. The problem is that the existing range of childcare options is not tailored to my needs. With Babsy this is now possible and that's why I think it's a great thing.

Sandra S. from Allschwil

Part-time worker, mother of 2 children

On Saturday, on the way home from the ski holidays, I received a text message from my nanny at 11:00 a.m. that she would be out for a week (really poor, it caught her full, so no resentment or something, but still a screaming spasm on my part). - At 12.57 p.m. I wrote to Babsy. - 2:46 pm we had Jovana "under one roof". I had met her at the "Meet & Greet the Babsys" event before and that was great! If I hadn't known her a little, it would have been a bit strange for me. So I think it's great that there was a kind of speed dating with the babysitters.

Lea S. from Basel

Working, mother of 2 children

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